Calcium Citrate Malate, Calcitriol & Zinc.


Available in strip of 15 tablets

Product Description


Medbone-C is trusted brand of calcitriol, calcium citrate malate, & zinc that reduces the risk of osteopenia & osteoporosis. CCM can be consumed with or without food and delivers a significant nutritional benefit to individuals of all ages. The chemistry of CCM makes it a particularly beneficial calcium source for individuals with hypochlorydia or achlorydia, which generally includes the elderly and those on medications that decrease gastric acid secretion. CCM is also recognized as a calcium source that does not increase the risk of kidney stones, and in fact it protects against stone‐forming potential. Calcitriol is a potent metabolite to the active form of vitamin D, which in turn controls the reabsorption of calcium by the kidneys, controls the intestinal absorption of calcium; decreases excessive serum phosphate levels, bone resorption, and parathyroid hormone levels.


• Osteopenia
• Osteoporosis
• Post-menopausal osteoporosis
• Drug-induced osteoporosis
• Senile osteoporosis

Direction for Use

Please consult your doctor.